VAL6 Series

The VAL6 series lineup has everything you need in a space heater.  Whether you’re looking for portability, efficiency, power, or all of the above, the VAL6 series has the perfect heater for you.  Browse our products, and see for yourself why VAL6 has the best space heaters on the market.


EPX is the Val6 heater series’ most powerful, yet efficient model ever. With the enlarged combustion chamber, 20% larger radiation disk and improved atomization, the coexistence of power and economy is now possible.


KBE5S’ state of the art combustion chamber enables virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion. This translates to clean, odorless, smokeless operation and, more importantly, fuel savings.


With its advanced technology, the Daystar brings you both “infrared heat” and “forced air heat” by adopting a dual heating system. The Daystar with its well-honed technology is perfect for spot space heating in a large open area.


The newly upgraded KBE5L 2-Step is now equipped with a High and Low output control making it very economical. Also included is a Fuel preheater to keep fuel moving smoothly as temperature decreases.


MPX is the reflection of 35 years of technological advancement.  Combing two worlds, Infrared and convectional heating system, the MPX with its compact size can still be used for commercial grade applications as well as applications requiring limited space. 

Val 6 FIR-X5

The FIR-X5 is the newest FAR infrared oil heater, its safer for outdoor dining areas and event venues with no open flame, no smell and quiet operations with this Val6 heater.


The GN5/GP5 (natural gas/propane) is the newest model produced for the Val6 series.  It incorporates a gas burner into our infrared heater technology as it utilizes a premixed combustion burner that creates a blue flame due to premixing the fuel gas and air in advance. 

RKF 506A

The RKF Series has adopted the natural cooling phenomenon from a waterfall and applied it to its cooler which creates a comfortable working environment.  


FIR1300 is the Val6 Series’ Far-Infrared heater. With safer and deeper heat penetration with less intensity, Val6 can be used in a wider range of environments than ever before.

Hotgun 125NA

The “Ultimate Forced Air Heater”, the “Hotgun” is a spot space heater that heats the air with its high efficiency combustion system. It has a near perfect conversion rate from fuel to energy.


Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about our products.  We hope that you find this information helpful.  Not finding what you’re looking for?  Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat transfer occurs when infrared light emitted from an object travels to the surfaces of other cooler objects.

An object is heated directly through electromagnetic waves; Similar to how the sun heats the earth.

Why choose radiant heat?
Radiant heat allows you to heat an object directly without the inefficient process of heating the air first.

Radiant heat penetrates heated objects evenly, similar to heat from the sun.

Val6 heaters are not affected by wind as forced air heaters that suffer from heat loss in the ambient air. Radiant heat travels in a straight line, unlike hot air, it is unaffected by wind or cold ambient air. Since infrared heat can penetrate into the object, the targeted surface and object are warmed and/dried in a uniquely different way from any conventional heater which utilizes heated air.

Val6 generates infrared heat directly to the object without any air movement creating a dust-free comfortable environment.

Clean, complete combustion system produces no odor or smoke while it is running.

State of the art combustion chamber enables virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion thus making it the most efficient form of heating per BTU energy burned.

Because of the quality of craftsmanship, VAL6 heaters are guaranteed to last on average 3 times longer than typical convection heaters and those copycat versions.

How many hours of operation time do each of the heaters provide?
EPX: low – 20hrs, high – 15 hrs

KBE5S: 10 hrs

KBE5L: 16 hrs

Hot Gun 125NA: 16 hrs

Daystar: 6 hrs

FIR1300: 21 hrs

FIR-X5: 17-14 hrs

What type of fuel can be used in the heaters?
You can use Diesel #1, #2, and Kerosene.

If Diesel #2 starts to gel, mix with kerosene or Diesel #1.

What is the warranty period for your heaters?
VAL6 heaters are sold with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
What should I do to maintain my VAL6 heater?
Every year, the fuel filter and nozzle should be replaced. We also recommend flushing the fuel tank to clean out any sediment at the end of every season.

"Jimmy and his staff are amazingly knowledgeable and super helpful. They helped us with trouble shooting our machine that we didn’t even buy from them. We ended up purchasing chemicals and additional products from him and they were great!"

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