How much money can a business save by making the switch to waste oil heating? One Lancaster County car dealer has found out over the past year.

Keller Brothers Ford is a Lititz, PA business. With a full new and used car dealership as well as a busy service center, the folks at Keller Brothers keep busy year round. And thanks to new waste oil furnaces, over the past year they’ve brought their heating costs down to zero. That’s right, zero!

By taking all of the used motor oil, transmission fluid and other petroleum waste products that flow through their business they’ve managed to save about $32,000 per year. And best of all, by turning their waste stream into clean, safe heat, they’re doing right by the environment in addition to saving all of that money.

If you’re interested in learning about how your business can save money with a waste oil furnace, contact us today. We’d be happy to learn about your needs and recommend the perfect waste oil furnace for your business.